Textile fabric, fabric type has several?
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    Many types of textiles, including silk in a fabric as the main raw material of natural silk and chemical fiber filament, we called the silk fabric.

    Silk fabrics are generally soft texture, smooth and delicate. Different uses of silk fabrics, woven system’s raw material requirements, and process procedures, production methods, organizational structure, and processing methods are not the same, which formed a variety of silk fabrics.

    The best quality silk (silk), is the main natural silk varieties, commonly known as silk plant silk. Silk fabric surface is smooth, soft and shiny, hand touch the fabric has a cool sense of lubrication. From the fiber twisting to the elasticity of the fabric.

    Containing two silk fibers of the cocoon, regardless of the thickness and strength can not meet the requirements for processing and use, must pass the craft of silk satin certain cocoon made ​​a long length and certain processing and use of performance silk filament yarn can be used for weaving processing. On the thus obtained filament yarns, because sericin still be retained, usually called the filament yarn is a raw silk. The sericin weaving back and forth off, called cooked silk weaving before take off. Silk and viscose filament yarn, where bleaching, dyeing claimed cooked silk.

    For different objects, different seasons and customs based on the use of fabric as well as the popular trend, the selection of raw materials, the development of weaving specifications, organization design work. A comprehensive variety of knowledge, the high level of artistry and technical complexity of the integrated work.



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