New environmentally friendly fabric - information on non-woven
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    With people changing consumer demand for fabric selection put forward some new requirements, such as environmental protection and moisture resistance, especially in color and decorative effect gradually made ​​some requests. In order to meet the many needs of the consumers, the development of fabrics has not stopped, while the non-woven fabric is a novel environmentally friendly fabrics, wish their knowledge in this brief introduction:

    And traditional fabric products, its biggest advantage is eliminating the need for a process of weaving and spinning through the filament form the structure of the fiber network in the form of support random column, and then fixed by mechanical means before the formation of the final the finished product. In fact, the connection of the fabric is not by yarn woven or plaited together, but completely physical adhesion to be achieved, we can say a breakthrough in the structure of the traditional textile principle, is the largest technological characteristics of the period of time, and efficiency, while its production cost is relatively low.

    The fabric in the end and spunbond fabrics Contact? Fact, strictly speaking, both are subordinate relationship, spunbond fabrics can be said of many non-woven production process, compared with non-woven cloth craft type rich. With constant updates and progress of industrial technology, people can see the non-woven products also become more diverse, including polyester, nylon and so on, these non-woven style are quite different, to a broader space. Often need very sophisticated testing techniques in order to achieve, for the judgment of these fabrics.



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