Non-woven bag type of popularity in the market
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     Non-woven bag outside general for holding a variety of samples, data, souvenirs, designer for the corporate design of choice for non-woven bag. The size and capacity of this non-woven bag is very suitable for open loading generous 16 samples and information, and generally does not require a very high intensity. 4 open the following non-woven bag is most commonly used in full bloom various cosmetics, designers often in non-woven bag printed on the same contents, advertising graphic.

    Advertising non-woven bag

    In various trade fairs, exhibitions can often see this type of non-woven bag, non-woven bag printed with the name of the enterprise, corporate logo, name as well as some of the main products of slogan, virtually played a The role of the promotional corporate image and product image, which is equivalent to a mobile ad, and a wide range of liquid, both to meet the loading requirements of good advertising effect, so it is a form of advertising manufacturers, trade and economic activities popular. This non-woven bag design the more chic, more beautifully produced, the better its advertising.

    2 commemorative woven bag The memorial is the most common non-woven bag is especially designed to commemorate an arts and cultural activities. Non-woven bag the general printed on activities name, logo, descriptive text, one hand, such a non-woven bag can be loaded to collect information, samples, on the other hand has expanded the impact of this activity . In addition, non-woven bag of souvenir also fall into this category.

    3 coated paper non-woven bag Select the coated paper production of non-woven bag, which is characterized by moderate fastness. Coated paper has a high whiteness, gloss, printability and good designers bold use of a variety of screens and blocks of color, good advertising effect. Coated paper surface is covered with a film or matte film, not only has a moisture-proof, durable and functional, and even more refined. The coated paper is one of the most popular non-woven bag making material.

     4 white paper non-woven bag The white paper is also commonly used materials for production of non-woven bag. Non-woven bag with white paper produced stronger, can bloom will certainly weight of goods, designers often white paper will be used for clothing woven bag, its specifications are generally off or Quanqi the open non-woven cloth bag. The white paper printability general, therefore, be compared suitable for printing text, lines or blocks of color. White paper intensity can not be covered, and therefore, the cost is relatively low. This is a more affordable non-woven bag.

    5. Kraft paper, non-woven bag Non-woven bag, kraft paper production which is characterized by greater holding strength, the lowest cost, and general merchandise are generally used in full bloom. Except white kraft kraft background darker, therefore, comparable to the suitability of the text of the printing dark lines, contrasting blocks of color can also be designed. Kraft paper, non-woven bag is generally not covered, non-woven bag is a lowest cost.

    White cardboard non-woven bag White cardboard production of non-woven bag is one of the most high-grade non-woven bag, which is characterized by: high strength white cardboard non-woven bag strength is the highest of all the non-woven bag, this is determined by the physical properties of white cardboard, designers generally this non-woven bag for containing the high-end clothing or merchandise. Paper and delicate white paper compared to the non-woven bag, non-woven bag of white cardboard feel significantly delicate, therefore, is particularly elegant.



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