A variety of non-woven fabric as a wall covering material may
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    Over the past decade, the wall material is a non-woven consumption of the fastest growing market. New technologies and new ideas of home decoration driven ’attracted Ahlstrom (Ahlstrom) and Holly Swatch (Itollingsworth & Vose) enterprises and wallpaper manufacturers to open up the market. In March of this year, Ahlstrom 2 O 1 2 the wallpaper industry (Beijing) Fair launched something called of Ahlstrom EasyLife the series products. Oscar the Dragon EasyLife products of this improvement is a sculpture material with 3D effect, offers a variety of possibilities for the housing interior wall design.

    Ahlstrom wall coverings pulp identified through the environmental compliance with CE and RAL industry standard, and to minimize the impact on the environment. In some products, Ahlstrom application back polyester, to make use of natural adhesives in place of chemical binders.

    Allegedly, this wall covering material sales growth in China soon, Ahlstrom and wall-covering Association has organized a fashion show of clothing made ​​with wallpaper, the aim is to show the fashion of Ahlstrom Easy Life products , can reach the general feel of woven fabrics to meet the aesthetic needs of people.

    Again, the environmentally friendly ink Ahlstrom and its Chinese partner Shanghai East Star Co., Ltd. jointly launched a "reliability certification, so let the customers can be clearly identified in many wallpaper varieties Ahlstrom supplier Majesty energy materials. Ahlstrom is a major supplier of non-woven fabrics of Chinese wallpaper base, has 10 years of history in the Chinese market. It recently announced plans to invest 30 million euros in its Binzhou plant to establish a new wallpaper based non-woven production lines.



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