Non-woven several new uses
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    With the continued development of the non-woven technology, its use in the expansion of the three it is the latest application. A nonmagnetic interference suppression film Electromagnetic interference can be divided into the electric field interference and magnetic interference.

    The magnetic film of a magnetic material dispersed in the resin, which can effectively suppress the magnetic interference; while the non-magnetic body interference suppressing film affixed inside the electronic device, interference generating source, can solve the problem of interference of the electric field: such inhibition film is a new material .

    The non-magnetic body of the interference suppressing film constituted by suppressing interference body, insulating portion and the adhesive layer: interference suppression body substrate is made of many different linear density of the filament layer composite of polyester non-woven fabric, having heat resistance and high strength, excellent at Usually the spunbonded nonwoven fabric. The insulating portion is obtained polyester film system. The adhesive layer according to the requirements of users freedom to change.

    Interference suppressing film is characterized by a non-magnetic body and can effectively remove the electric field disturbance. Internal consumption due to interference in the film, not ground, so the suppression film not only on the MHz frequency band, and also has the effect to the GHz frequency band.

    The suppression film thin to the interference of the non-magnetic material and soft, and suppressing interference with the body and an insulating portion of a thickness of 0.05 mm and a density of 0.8 g / m 3, is superior to the magnetic film, the surface of polyester film insulation performance. Plus 500V 1min, the suppression of the average resistance of the film surface is 1.0 * 10 ^ 12 Ω or more, the average volume resistivity of more than 1.0 * 10 ^ 12 Ω.cm. According to the determination of the effect of suppressing seen, the non-magnetic material interference suppression film can be reduced to 10dB of electric field interference. Second, cotton, non-woven cotton pad Nonwoven cotton pad is sandwiched between the nonwoven fabric layer on the surface into a fluffy cotton fiber non-woven fabric, obtained and then be heat sealed on both sides. Organic cotton material grown without pesticides and chemical it can be used as a cotton pad and mask.

     Functional non-woven cotton non-woven fabrics and cotton blend specially shaped chemical fiber can be processed into a mask, and its demand is increasing. The cotton chemical resistance, low to high temperatures not degenerate so that it can be used as a filter material. Cotton waste processed into needlepunched nonwovens, can be used for agricultural and industrial rubbish oil material (unbleached raw cotton is lipophilic, can be made oil-absorbing nonwoven fabric). Third, the food chain-containing starch glue Sugar as a raw material, and polymerized with an enzyme glucose World initial Prodn completely straight chain glucose polymer (food chain Starch). Food chain starch dispersion obtained composite fiber within the cellulose fibers belonging to the ecological fiber. This development has coated the food chain starch (enzymatic synthesis of amylopectin) viscose.

    The viscose products are coated, molecules can be coated with other substances, can be used for the removal of malodorous substances or harmful substances. Because the viscose cattle amylose in the fiber molecule bag, and sometimes this molecule bag coated with the target substance, and sometimes molecular bag material is gradually discharged.

     The features of the product: deodorizing function, formed in the food chain starch molecules bag closed odor substances, which play a deodorizing function, aging smelly have the effect of the low molecular weight of ammonia, acetic acid smelly and alkyl chain ; of iodine can be coated, clad in the bovine chain and starch iodine by the 5th of the dry air, there are still more than 99% reserved: The product can inhibit the sublimation of iodine, bromine iodine taste, has anti-bacterial, anti-viral functions little irritation of the skin, with a biodegradable. In addition, the product also can be maintained menthol, Shen mellow aromatic ingredients, and capable of temperature and humidity changes gradually released.



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