The development of the non-woven fabric is expected to be rapid growth and sustainable
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    In today’s world, non-woven fabric is extended toward a higher level and broader scope, the production and application of non-woven fabric is no longer a single _ process concept, but a combination of multi-process and multi-disciplinary combination of application.

    From international trends, new materials, new processes, new products are increasingly incorporated into non-woven production and development up fine fibers, nanofibers, green fibers and additives, bicomponent fibers and other new materials are emerging; broader process uses a combination of technology, composite technology, multi-component processing; product, there have been a growing number of high-performance, high functionality, as well as special-purpose products, including a variety of elasticity, high strength and low elongation, high absorption, multi-functional and environmentally friendly products.

     The operation of enterprises have more advantages and occupation of mergers and joint, cooperative development and joint promotion to expand the market. The international economic environment, spunbond forecast for the next few years should be formed as follows trends and directions.

    First, the industrial structure to rationalize the direction of adjustment Our spunbond capacity is high, but the overall level and grades are not high. As technology advances and the increasing requirements of the market, the proportion of the low level of capacity will be gradually reduced through elimination and transformation-oriented high-end market is more advanced, more efficient, better quality equipment gradually increase the proportion of production capacity. The same time, the structure is irrational state will gradually change, PP spunbond the proportion of will continue to account for a major share but will show a downward SMS proportion of improved PET spunbond production capacity and production should be raised to 15% or more.

    Existing and new capacity gradually form a market segmentation and market rational division of labor. Health, medical, geotechnical, construction, filtration and other markets in the future will have faster growth, its growth rate will continue to be maintained at 15% or above. Hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinence products will continue to be higher than the rate of 20% and 50% growth; geotechnical and construction materials prediction can be reached in the next five years, the demand of about 400 million square meters; national environmental protection The emphasis of governance will also promote the rapid growth of the filter material. But at the same time, along with the rapid development of these areas.

    The production capacity will also expand market competition. Second, the new material and technology extension application Low melting PET, modified polymer, bicomponent fibers, nano fibers, the absorbent polymer, profiled fiber, chitosan fiber, elastic material, etc., has been applied to many instances of spunbonding or spunbond composite technology ; combination of SMS Online composite bicomponent spunbond, spunbond combination with other craft, meltblown process, nanofiber production process development is more than has been the formation of the the industrialization pilot phase has been successful. In the future development, the application of new materials, new materials, new technologies, new combinations and composite technology will be more extensive.

   At present, China’s non-woven product is still in the low-end level, a small proportion of high-end and high-value-added products. Urgent and still can not provide urgently needed such as geotextile industry of PP spunbond acupuncture geotextile fabric and death in our country is still white, and many high-end special-purpose products need to rely on imports, in the "12th Five-Year" period, the industry is changing product structure and the development of innovative products in the process, you should pay attention to the with downstream customers work closely with the international standards, and operate in accordance with market demand. Third, take the road of sustainable development Many famous international companies, such as PGI, KC, SCA, P & G, etc., all while adhering to the path of sustainable development, and all aspects of the production operation to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, less consumption of resources and other targets.

    The measures include the optimization technology to transform the equipment, reduce the use of wood, and the development of non-oil derivative raw materials, means of transport emission reduction. Factories in China, these companies also fulfill this promise: My many years ago has established policy of energy conservation, from the long-term point of view, this is an inevitable road. In the future development. Applications in the design of the equipment, raw materials, to meet the requirements of environmental protection, energy conservation, and should have the attention and action.

    Fourth, to create its own brand Our country as a whole, including spunbond nonwovens industry, rarely have their own brand, which also severely restricted to a broad market. In particular, the expansion of foreign markets. , And the establishment of their own brands, the need for sound corporate connotations, including enterprise strength, level of technology, research and development capabilities, strategic objectives, the effectiveness of the implementation of the strategy, the level of management, marketing strategy, culture, philosophy and other.

    That is, the brand products contain the internal and the resulting credibility and non-replicable. Future development, Chinese enterprises should first great importance to complete the establishment of the necessary conditions of the brand, and be able to participate effectively in international competition as soon as possible to create their own brands, and lay the foundation to take the road to power.



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