Analysis of non-woven clothing trends
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     It has been referred to as the non-woven cloth of engineers, that non-woven fabrics like product is the engineers free Nienong out. They can take advantage of the non-woven technology, raw materials, equipment, process improvements, or use a combination of different raw materials and process semi-finished or composite, and constantly develop new products endowed with new or more features. It provides such as water repellent, moisture, moisture, warmth, softness, elasticity, rigidity, tensile strength, flame retardant, insulated, washable, anti-bacterial, anti-static and other specialized performance, to meet the demands of the application market.

    As non-woven technology advances, specialization of raw materials, products of technology, a composite of the overall trends, a variety of new non-woven fabrics are developed and mass production, these unique properties of new products continued to expand with non-woven applications. Founder of cybernetics, Wiener once said: "the scientific development can be the greatest harvest field is ignored the no man’s land between the various established department." Non-woven outerwear apparel through continuous research, and experimental products have in the Conference and Expo exhibition.

     Faced with this situation, the designer can not merely do a fashion show or research industry chain management, but have a big design concept, through knowledge and innovation to develop products for enterprises to create profits, win the market. In steering technology exports, cultural exports from processing, to reflect the added value of the clothing culture, to do research in the real sense in terms of expansion of application fields. It can be predicted, the development of non-woven clothing will change people’s way of life and to further promote our clothing, non-woven rapid development of the two industries.



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