The origin and development of the non-woven spunbond
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   Spunbond non-woven technology, its origin and development is a continuation of the 20 century and four fifties commercialization of synthetic filament yarn spinning process, its origins can be traced back to the 1940s, the secondthe early 1950’s, the U.S.

   Naval Research Laboratory to establish a small melt extruder, the molten polymer is extruded from the spinneret holes, forming a very fine filament fiber fineness, and then use the hot air is blown intomesh screens on the fiber bonded to form a network, which is the earliest spinning into the net, but due to the technical level by the time limit, the technology is not able to study down.

   Freudenberg & Co. in Germany in the late 1950s with the development of chemical fiber technology and American Dupont company began spunbond nonwoven technology research reasons due to high production costs, and the technology is imperfect, however, the technology has been the results of the study did not get the promotion. To the the 1960s Du-pont patent, the mid-1960s began industrial production, the late 1960s and early seventies, the spunbond technology development, venturi draft the German Laifen overall horizontal, so that the quality of spunbond nonwovens with a larger increase, the level of industrial production has also been a lot of progress.

   After Eisen meltblowing techniques applied to the spunbond technique, due to the special structure of the drafting device, which makes the spunbond technology with greater development. Spunbond production technology is progressing fast, high growth rate, large capacity, high quality, excellent performance, a wide range of product applications, market adaptability, plus short on spunbond production process, high production efficiency , having the advantages of large-scale production, wherein the strength and elongation properties of the spunbond preferred.

   With the advent of the meltblown and spunbond composite multi-jet technology, two-component the differential fiber spinning technology to spunbond nonwoven technology to bring a more broad application prospects, so the twentieth century and nine decade after passage spunbond products uses advanced technology will be more rapid and broader development.



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